Saturday, October 2, 2010

Catalina Vent 9/30/10

Is it wrong to hate the catalina machines? I've had too many bad experiences. Today makes the 2nd time I'll have to contact the Catalina company to get my coupons. While checking out, I heard the machine going but nothing came out. Yes, the green light was on. I make sure I look before I start scanning. I asked the Self-check Police to lift the lid to see if maybe the paper was jammed. Sure enough, it was. He fixed the paper. So, I scanned and finished. Not bad enough that my scenario didn't work as planned. I was expecting my $2 ONYO catalina and when the slip printed out, there was hardly anything printed on the coupon. Apparently the ink was out (or some other printing issue). I don't suppose there's a way to print a test slip before I start?

Anyhoo, just a few minutes to vent. I guess the goods outweigh the bads, but when it's something bad it just really sucks!

(Late post because my internet was down)

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